Speaker Don Schanzenbach

Message of Hope & Cultural Renewal

Suspender Man Don Schanzenbach has a passion for spreading a biblical message of cultural renewal.

A clear understanding of the Bible gives modern Christians many reasons to look forward in hope. In his seminars Suspender Man Explains™ to his audiences how the success of Christ and His church is not only possible but inevitable on this earth. Regaining our culture for Christ is not an empty dream, rather, it is a prophetic certainty.

The modern church has essentially given up on influencing culture in our time. Understanding the clear teaching of Scripture, however, should drive us to be not only influencers but builders of culture, leading the way to righteousness in our nation. Christian worldview speaker Don Schanzenbach introduces his listeners to the Bible’s framework for building Christian culture. He does not offer fanciful or imagined interpretations. His purpose is to build up the listener’s understanding that they may wield the word of God well in their lives and culture.

Culture is renewed and transformed when God’s people, read and understand His word, and pursue obedience to it in every area. Don Schanzenbach’s passion is to see Christian people confident in their understanding of the Bible and committed to obedient living.

Don Schanzenbach, SpeakerSpeaker Experience

Don Schanzenbach has long been an outspoken advocate of recapturing culture for Christ. He holds a MA in Applied Biblical Studies and a doctorate in applied theological studies in the field of political philosophy and government from New Geneva Seminary. He has been thinking, writing and speaking on Christian culture for two decades, and expertly applies biblical truth to modern questions of culture, government, politics and family.

He has co-authored the 2016 titles The Liberty Book and The Christian Vote Book which are available from The Story of Liberty Press. He has also authored Advancing the Kingdom, a biblical worldview study book and Faithful Parents, Faithful Children, a biblical defense of homeschooling. He also has Kindle books available including Money & Taxes and Give Me Liberty. He has had dozens of articles published on subjects related to culture and government, and his Godly Government audio series is available to stream.

Don is the husband of one wife, Christine, and father of three children now grown.

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