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The Liberty Book by Don Schanzenbach & John Bona

The Liberty Book by Don Schanzenbach and John BonaNews reports bring to our ears daily stories of further intrusion in our lives and increased regulations too many to number. We sense that our well-sung liberties are being lost to a point of no return. However, we believe that with God’s help freedom can be revived. America is losing its heritage of God-given freedoms which were originally derived from Biblical teaching. We are working to drag America back from the cliff’s edge fall into tyranny and to restore liberty. The Liberty Book project is our current effort in that direction. Our goal is to get this book into the hands of millions of people who will both learn and teach its foundational principles.

Through Christ, liberty is increasingly achievable. This book will show how the Christian religion brings liberty to the world and will demonstrate what biblically-based liberty looks like. The groundswell of interest in this book convinces us our nation is again in search of genuine liberty under God. Our prayer is that men and women everywhere will pray and work for the return of liberty for ourselves and our children. Get it from The Story of Liberty Press!


The Christian Vote Book by Don Schanzenbach & John Bona

The Christian Vote Book by Don Schanzenbach and John BonaThis book is not your average voter’s guide, but instead gives you biblical principles to apply during any election season. What does the Bible say about choosing leaders? How can we know what lever to pull in these confounding times? The Christian Vote Book encourages its readers by laying out timeless principles from the Bible related to voting.

Our direction is clear. We Christians should be more concerned about obeying God and His word in the way we vote, and less captured by party politics. If we recognize that God is sovereign, even over voting results, we are freed to choose candidates who meet biblical standards for public office. A strong respect and love for God drives out fear over possible election results. Voting morally correct beats voting politically correct every time. Only available from The Story of Liberty Press!


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Give Me Liberty by Don Schanzenbach

See this book in the Kindle store.In Give Me Liberty, Don Schanzenbach discusses the roots and foundations of liberty, how we can apply these things to our culture today, and what this all means for Christians, and for our nation. It is a reminder that if we think like slaves, we will act like slaves. It is a call to shed the shackles of slavery and return to liberty. Men do not want to accept the law of God and we spend our lives trying to create our own law. We become tyrants imposing our own, man-made, law on men. We are slaves to our own sin and unruly passions. Our path toward liberty then must follow the Word of God, and obedience to Him. All other paths diminish toward darkness and that natural end from which no man escapes.

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Money & Taxes by Don Schanzenbach

See Money & Taxes in the Amazon Kindle storeIn America we have lost our understanding of money and taxation. We daily watch our dollars inflate, and a bloated government spends far faster than it can collect, though taxation has run amok as well. We have closed off our thinking from Godly biblical ideas about money, taxation and government, and so we drift from bad ideas to worse ideas seeking something, anything that will pull our nation out of its economic tailspin. There are answers. The Bible is not silent on these issues. The book Money & Taxes is an introduction to biblical thinking in these areas. It is not hopeless. There is a better way if we will live it.

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Faithful Parents, Faithful Children: Why We Homeschool by Don Schanzenbach

See Faithful Parents, Faithful Children in the Amazon Kindle storeHomeschooling, why do we do it? We are often bombarded by questions about our children like: How will they be socialized? Don’t you want them to be able to play sports or join academic clubs? Will they be able to make it in college and the real world? Do you really think you can teach them everything they need to know?

These questions can be discouraging to the most dedicated homeschool parent. In this book, author Don Schanzenbach, addresses all of these questions from a biblical perspective. He discusses education and the family by looking to what the Bible has to say on these topics. The Bible has much to say on education, socialization, and the structure of the family. Christian people must take the time to consider what effect the education their children are receiving is having on them, the family, and the nation.

This book is a hopeful look at what God has done through faithful families, what He is still doing through faithful families, and what He can do in your family. There is great cause for hope for the future of our children, if only we are faithful.

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