Egypt – and The Confusion of Faces

The King James translation of the Bible uses the term confusion of faces to translate the original Hebrew words that mean quite literally the ‘confusion of faces’. The term is a little difficult but the application is relevant. It is right now relevant.

Confusion in Egypt & the Muslim World

I have been watching the developing anarchy in Egypt. There is nothing like riots in the street to get our attention. At least the riots are not here, but still, I am forced to think through ‘What is the meaning of this?’ Also, it is not only Egypt that is facing insurrection. With three Muslim governments in a state of siege by their own citizens we have to wonder if there is a pattern here. Is it happenstance that Muslim people are rebelling in three countries at once or is there common cause for their discontent?

One of the worries nagging at thinking Christians in the west is the sense of the on-coming Muslim hordes. I know, the left, the humanists, are happy to be in league with the Muslim crowd, but many of us do not agree with that sentiment. That is likely fuel for another blog so I will stop that line of discussion here. But, the concern that the Muslim religion is fast gaining in the west is of vital concern to conservative Christian believers. We have read the histories of Muslim abuse, torture, slavery, and oppression brought on our brethren over the centuries. We are not pleased to see those things coming here. We do not want to live under their Shariah law. Of course, we American Christians do not want to live under Biblical law either, which is another blog waiting to be typed.

Confusion of Morals in the West

The ‘confusion of faces’ (Jeremiah 7:19, Daniel 9:7) is a term that describes the inability of a people to discern what morals to pursue, literally which god (God) to follow (every type of idol has a different face). The Biblical God allows no representation of Himself but the metaphor still holds (it’s a metaphor remember). I have been concerned that Christians here suffer a ‘confusion of faces’ as we increasingly live out the values of the enemies of our God. However, the enemies of the church outside our borders also are in confusion. They live and die under a miscellany of Caliphs and dictators who abuse them daily. They are weary of oppression but do not know where to turn. All of the faces they can see or imagine are faces of wicked corruption. They are groping for Truth but too blind to find it. They need the enlightening of the Holy Spirit Who will shine His light on their faces at His appointed time. Meanwhile, they are distracted, fighting among themselves. They are in confusion because God has, as yet, left them in confusion. The Muslim peoples and religion are not destined for permanent success. Christ and His church are advancing His kingdom. Nothing can stop the progress of the church. Our confusion of faces will fade, but the unrepentant will stumble endlessly in the dark until God enlightens them. Victory is in Christ alone. It is His face we seek. History does not end in confusion.

Don Schanzenbach     2-7-11

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Suspender Man™, Don Schanzenbach, has long been an outspoken advocate of recapturing culture for Christ. He holds a MA in applied Biblical studies and a doctorate in applied theological studies in the field of political philosophy and government from New Geneva Seminary. He has been thinking, writing and speaking on Christian culture for two decades.

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3 comments on “Egypt – and The Confusion of Faces
  1. Skippy says:

    I believe the confusion of face refers to their own faces as in Jeremiah 7:19 – Do they provoke me to anger? Sayeth the LORD: do they not provoke themselves to the confusion of their own faces?

    Confusion of face, it seems, refers to the confusion over the “person” and the man. And God is not a respecter of persons. Yet we spend so much time and effort on our status or credentials or patriotism and civic duty which al pertains to our legal person. A confusion of face. We need to spend more time on ourselves.

  2. In need of the Savior says:

    As I was reading in Daniel 9 both yesterday and today, confusion of face and confusion of faces jumped out at me. I binged the words only looking at your article Don from Feb. 2011. It is interesting to find that almost no one is replying to the ever increasing confusion that is now knocking on Americas front doors. As a people, we have forgotten who’s we are, who we serve, and who we will all answer to upon His return. It is not a wonder that there is confusion of faces, for we are confused when we look at our own faces as christians and are confused by what we accept as truth. Make no bones about it, God will not be mocked, and yes, He is still on the throne.

  3. Brenda Cox says:

    If we as CHRISTIANS would seek the face of our LORD in the light that He shows us then we will receive more of His light. Confusion of faces does seem to happen when we start accepting the ways of the world as our way. Watering down, if you will, the Truth for ourselves. Going our own way. Listening to other voices that are in the world. We need to seek God’s face, His ways and will with our whole heart. PRAY for each other and read much in our bibles. YES the Holy Spirit will lead us into all truth.

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