Mission to Restore America exists to bring restoration to American culture by reviving biblical understanding among God’s people and encouraging obedience to the Word of God in all areas. The work of Christ on our behalf gives us hope for eternity. Not only that, it gives us very present hope for the advance of the gospel and His kingdom on the earth and in our time. The Lord God works in time and history and delights to use His people to transform the world from darkness to light.

It is our desire to see Christian people across our land confident in their biblical understanding and able to wield the Word of God well in their lives and culture. The Bible has principles that guide our understanding of every aspect of our culture; family, education, vocation, business, personal morality, civil government, politics, mathematics, science, social problems, relationships, health—every area of our lives. The advance of Christ’s kingdom cannot be stopped for He has already overcome the world. May we be people who live in the light of this truth and humbly rely on His strength as we go out and meet our culture with the restorative power of the gospel. Glory be to God!